Start 2020 right! Your gift today will provide nourishing meals – and the shelter, clothing and care that changes lives like Kevin’s. 

Kevin faced his worst nightmare when his wife battled a tragic illness, and then passed away. Using his every last penny to pay her medical bills, he was left with nothing. Your generosity provided the meals and shelter that led Kevin to God’s love AND hope for his future. “I was broken, but now I have hope,” he says. “The Mission is a wonderful place.”

Don’t wait! By giving generously now, you’ll help Kevin and so many others get back on their feet this new year.

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toward meals, shelter + care
toward meals, shelter + care

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Buffalo City Mission is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation that relies heavily on private, tax-deductible donations to feed, shelter and care for our community's poor, hungry and homeless people.

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