Thank you for your donation towards Jersey Shore Rescue Mission’s 5K. We’re running … for a reason!

We're running to show support for those who are actively working a recovery program and staying clean and sober. We're running to remember a loved one who lost their battle with addiction. We're running to educate our youth that life can be lived without the use of drugs and alcohol. Lastly, we're running to support the Jersey Shore Rescue Mission so that they can minister to all those who come to them looking for recovery.

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Jersey Shore Rescue Mission is a 501c(3), not-for-profit organization, which operates mainly on charitable donations received from the community. Receipts are available.

Our financial statements are reviewed annually.

No third parties will have access to your information.

For questions or help with your financial donation, please call Susan at (973) 538-4819.

To donate to our Thrift Store, please call (973) 538-0427.

Or to mail your check, please send it to:
Jersey Shore Rescue Mission
PO Box 1289
Asbury Park, NJ 07712