Our hungry neighbors need YOU! More than ever, people struggling with hunger and homelessness are turning here for help this winter. What's already a difficult season here in Wichita has been made even harder by the pandemic. 

By giving a gift today, you'll welcome men from our community with a hot, nourishing meal for just $2.15.  

Our goal is to fill our pantry and refrigerator by Monday, March 1. Please donate generously now!

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to feed & care for 23 people
to feed & care for 46 people
to feed & care for 70 people
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Our records are audited annually by an independent CPA firm to make sure your gift is used the way it should be.

The URM is a private non-profit 501c(3) organization funded totally by individuals, churches, private businesses, foundations, and civic groups who are led by God to improve the lives of the homeless and poor.

The URM chooses not to solicit funding from the Government or the United Way.

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