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If you would like to book a hunt, check availability, or just have questions that the website does not address, please e-mail us at chris@gobblengrunt.com, or simply give us a call at the numbers below. Thanks for visiting the Gobble n Grunt and Prairie King website. We look forward to visiting with you further and are ready to show you the hunt of a lifetime on the prairie.

Gobble 'n Grunt Outfitters
608 Pawnee Ave
Genoa, NE 68640

Info and Booking: Chris - 402-459-5823 / Mike 308-550-1136

chris@gobblengrunt.com / mike@gobblengrunt.com
Emails: Please be sure to put in a subject line so my spam filter doesn't eat your email! Also, I respond to ALL emails so if you don't receive a response send it again, that means I did not get it.
Phone Messages: Once again, I return ALL phone calls, so if you leave a message and I don't get you called back, the message was lost. Please try again.

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Gobble 'n Grunt Outfitters, LLC
Chris Colfack, Outfitter
Mike Zmek, Outfitter
608 Pawnee Ave, Genoa, NE 68640
Information and Booking: (402) 459-5823 email: Chris@gobblengrunt.com